To catalyse the development of innovative and constructive solutions that address the challenges of the demographic revolution, mainly “Productive engagement” : active ageing, health literacy and senior Employment

To develop an interface between researchers and decision-makers in order to facilitate research into, and implementation of, advances in human, clinical and biological knowledge to achieve active and healthy longevity.

To disseminate information to the public.

To carry out an ongoing analysis of the opportunities offered by the increase in life expectancy.

To compile a pool of tools for public and private decision-makers.

Major funding sources

ILC France is mainly financed by annual contributions of its members. In addition ILC France is granted by private companies orpublic institutions in order to finance specific research projects

Recent major activities / programs

Annual Parliamentary meetings on Longevity -Paris since 1995.

Conferences on health prevention as a major factor of productive longevity with numerous institutions (Co-host with OECD, Les Echos, Women's forum, FNSEA, FNAR, private companies and institutions, etc.)

Dissemination of Guidelines (vision, cognitive health, hearing, Advice for Parents, balance) to the general public.

Scientific advice for the Parliamentary Study Group on Longevity (monthly meetings since 2006.

Key staff

CEO: Francoise Forette, M.D.
President of the Board of Directors of the Hospital Broca.
Former Special adviser on aging of the Minister of Health, Social Security, Elderly, Family and Disabled persons


49, rue Mirabeau
75016 PARIS
Tel : 01 55 74 67 09
Fax : 01 55 74 67 21


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